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Y'all Witches (Bless Your Witch #10)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
March 2018

When Dylan and Roman set sail for their honeymoon they expect couples massages and candlelit dinners. But that dream is shattered when Grandma Hazel stows away on their cruise. It seems trouble follows Grandma wherever she goes. This trip is no different, for the ship's stowaway catcher is hot on her trail, and he's intent on finding the stowaway and making her walk the plank.

Not only that, but when a socialite is murdered, Dylan finds herself in the middle of the mystery. But wait. She's promised Roman she's staying out of trouble while on their honeymoon.

Don't make promises you plan on breaking.

Now, can Dylan keep her grandmother safe, help catch a murderer, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip?