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Antiques & Furniture Themed Cozy Mystery Series

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New Orleans Mystery Series

T. G. Herren (AKA Greg Herren) writes the New Orleans Mystery Series which started in December 2022 and is set in New Orleans, LA. It features  Valerie Cooper who becomes the beneficiary of her late husband’s estranged uncle’s…

Old Town Antique Mystery Series

Cordy Abbott writes the Old Town Antique Mystery Series which started in November 2022 and is set in Virginia.  Roberto Fratelli, proprietor of the antiques store Waited4You, is the meanest man in Marthasville, Virginia. So when he puts the…

Avery Ayers Antique Mystery Series

Tracy Gardner writes the Avery Ayers Antique Mystery Series which started in June 2021 and is set in New York. After her parents' deaths, Avery Ayers takes over the family business, Antiquities & Artifacts Appraised, from the…

Kate Hamilton Mystery Series

Connie Berry writes the Kate Hamilton Mystery Series which started in 2019 and is set in Scotland and England.  It features American antiques dealer Kate Hamilton. In the first book Kate returns reluctantly to the island where her…

Antique Print Mysteries

Lea Wait writes the Antique Print Mysteries which started in 2002 and takes place in New Jersey. It features recently widowed Maggie Summer who is the owner of Shadow Antiques. Maggie is also a history professor at the local junior college... she…

Button Box Mystery Series

The Button Box Mystery Series started in 2011 and takes place in Chicago, Illinois. It features Josie Giancola who owns the Button Box Shop. She is also an antique and vintage button expert.

Cats and Curios Mystery Series

This series takes place in San Francisco and started in 2008. It features Rebecca. Her Uncle Oscar is found dead and she inherits his antique shop. Along with her two cats she solves murders.

Dangerous Type Mystery Series

Paige Shelton writes the Dangerous Type Mystery Series which starts in January 2016 and is set in Utah. Star City is known for its slopes and its powder. But nestled in the valley of this ski resort town is a side street full of shops that…

Daring Finds Mystery Series

This series started in 2009. It features Candyce Dyce Dare who is divorced with a son and is the owner of the furniture refinishing store Daring Finds.

Ginger Stevens Mystery Series

Liv Parker writes the Ginger Stevens Mystery series which started in February 2016 and is set in Wisconsin. It features business owner Ginger Stevens. Ginger sells architectural artifacts and salvage pieces for commercial and residential spaces.…

High Desert Mystery Series

Dianne Harman writes the High Desert Mystery series which started in September 2015 and is set in California. It features recently divorced antique and art appraiser Marty Morgan who moves from the Midwest to live with her sister in High Desert,…

Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery Series

This series in 2006 and is set in New Hampshire. It features Josie Prescott who was formerly employed by a big New York auction house. After a scandal at the auction house Josie moves to New Hampshire and becomes an antiques dealer.

Lucy St. Elmo Antiques Mystery Series

The Lucy St. Elmo Antiques Mystery series takes place in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and started in 2011. It features Lucy St. Elmo who owns an antique shop and uses her amateur sleuth skills to solve murders.

Trash 'n' Treasures Mysteries Series

Barbara Allen writes the Trash 'n' Treasures Mysteries series which started in 2006 and takes place in Iowa It features recently divorced Brandy Borne who has moved back home with her mother. The series also features Sushi, Brandy's blind Shih…

Vintage Kitchen Mysteries Series

Victoria writes the series the Vintage Kitchen Series which started in May 2012. This series takes place in a small tourist town in Michigan and features Jaymie Leighton who collects vintage pieces. Jaymie lives in her parents nineteenth century…

Vintage Toyshop Mystery Series

Barbara Early (A.K.A. Beverly Allen) writes the Vintage Toyshop Mystery Series which starts in October 2016 and is set in New York. Liz McCall grew up in a playful winter wonderland but it was never her dream to manage her father’s vintage…

Weezie and Bebe Mystery Series

Mary Kay Andrews (aka Kathy Hogan Trocheck) writes the Weezie and Bebe Mystery series which started in 2009 and is set in Savannah, Georgia. It features best friends Weezie, an antiques dealer, and Bebe, a restaurant owner.