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Spa Themed Cozy Mystery Series

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Blossom Valley Mystery Series

This series started in 2012 and is set in California. It features Dana Lewis who is in charge of marketing at the O'Connell Organic Farm and Spa.

Liz Lucas Mystery Series

Dianne Harman writes the Liz Lucas Mystery series which is set in California. It features Liz Lucas, a 52 year old widow, is beginning to think she’s been given a second chance at life by owning a successful spa located in a beautiful forest area…

Natural Remedies Mystery Series

Chrystle Fiedler writes the Natural Remedies Mystery series which started in February 2013 and takes place in Long Island, New York. It features twenty-eight-year-old naturopathic doctor Willow McQuade, N.D. who takes a holistic approach and…