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Vampire & Werewolf Themed Cozy Mystery Series

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Betsy Taylor - Undead Mystery Series

This series started in 2004. It features Betsy Taylor who is having a terrible week. Betsy loses her job, turns 30 and is killed by an SUV. She wakes up in a funeral home and discovers she's a vampire. The vampire community is convinced she's…

Sarah Dearly Immortality Bites Mystery Series

This series started in 2012 and takes place in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It features Sarah Dearly. She is adjusting to life as a fledgling vampire, satisfying her cravings at vampire-friendly blood banks. But when her fiance Thierry takes a job…

Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery Series

Dean James (aka Miranda James) writes the Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery Series which is set in England. It features Amateur sleuth and American, Simon Kirby-Jones who is looking forward to settling into his new home in the quaint British village of…