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Witch My Grits (Bless Your Witch #7)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
December 2017

Southern witch Dylan Apel’s to-do list is stacked high—decide whether or not to marry her boyfriend, try to stay sane amidst her crazy family’s antics, and make a quickie dress for a shotgun wedding.

The easiest of those is making the dress—or at least it’s supposed to be.

But when one of the bridesmaids confesses that she’s a witch, Dylan is immediately suspicious. Witches aren’t supposed to talk about their powers—every true witch knows that. Yet things turn lethal when that bridesmaid winds up dead—and the evidence points to Dylan!

Now Dylan must clear her name, stop Grandma Hazel from torturing the bride for information (oh, boy) and decide on a path for the rest of her life. Will she get that chance? Or will she become the next victim of a murderer?