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Spells And Cells (Spellbinder Bay #3)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
February 2019

Things are looking up for Millie Thorn. She’s finally enjoying life as a witch, and she’s even taken a part-time job teaching cookery in a school for paranormal children. She’s come to terms with the fact that the local policeman, Sergeant David Spencer, is her father, and she’s accepted that it might be better to wait a little longer until she drops that bombshell at his feet.

He already has an adopted daughter, who happens to be Millie’s best friend, and interfering in either of those relationships isn’t something Millie wishes to do. She’s also uncertain that the policeman will respond well to the news that he has a second daughter, so decides to sit on the news until the time is right.

That was the plan, anyway!

When a trouble-making werewolf is murdered while in police custody, and the magical poison is traced back to cakes that Millie may or may not have helped bake, things begin to go wrong. Quickly.

Learning that it was Sergeant Spencer who served the dead werewolf his final and fatal meal, it doesn’t take long for some members of the community to begin pointing fingers at him. Or to be more precise, it doesn’t take long for certain members of the community to start pointing sharp claws situated at the end of hairy arms at him.

Vowing to help clear Sergeant Spencer’s name and protect him from angry werewolves, Millie is thrown into an investigation she doesn’t think she can solve. Things are made more urgent when Sergeant Spencer falls foul of a magical spell and begins losing his memory and his status as one of the few humans with privileged access to the paranormal world.

When it becomes apparent that Millie may never be able to tell Sergeant Spencer that he's her father, because of the magic affecting him, Millie panics. When she discovers that the policeman may be forced to cut all ties with the paranormal community if the spell isn't reversed, she embarks on a hazardous journey to save her future relationship with the man she yearns to call Dad.

With several mysteries to get to the bottom of, and a father to save, Millie Thorn needs be both brave and intuitive if her life is ever going to be relatively normal again.