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Snowmen and Sorcery (Spellbinder Bay #4)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
December 2019
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There's not much that's cosier than a family Christmas holiday in a traditional log cabin set in a Scottish highland town. It's uniquely special for Millie Thorn. It's her first Christmas with the father she's recently found out existed, and her new sister. She can't wait to spend the Christmas period with a family she never knew she had!

Reuben is going with them too, of course. A good witch would never leave her familiar behind, and Millie wasn't going to leave the mischievous, talking cockatiel at home while she went to Scotland for Christmas. Even if the bird had insisted that he'd be fine on his own with a stocked pantry and the TV remote control.

Before they've even reached their destination, problems arise, and Millie is forced to use powers she never imagined she could harness. It's not long after arriving in the snowy landscape of The Highlands that the family is drawn into problems more complicated than near death experiences.

When the locals take an instant dislike to the newcomers, Millie begins to wonder whether the little town is as friendly as it appears to be. Being present when a man is found beaten almost to death, simply helps cement her view that there is more to Kilgrettin than meets the eye. Helping the locals get to the bottom of the violent crime, it quickly becomes apparent that something very strange is going on in the little town.

Firstly, there's the problem of acquiring a turkey for their Christmas dinner. The butcher has uncharacteristically left town for the Christmas period, leaving his stressed-out wife to deal with the festive rush alone. She’s finding it hard, and not even her special eggnog seems to be calming her angry customers.

Then, there’s the somewhat seasonal Peeping Tom who has been spotted peering through windows. Oh, and there are reports of tiny intruders in people’s homes. Some people have also reported seeing Santa, but they must be imagining things… Surely?

When Millie and her family finally get close to finding out who it was that beat the poor Austrian man so badly, things get really weird. And scary. And a little bit mad. In a town where the snowmen seem to be moving, not much can be taken for granted. Soon, a fight is on not only to save Christmas, but to save the townsfolk themselves.