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Resort at Castaway Bay Mystery Series

Bed and Breakfast & Inn & Hotel
Detective & Police & Gov Agency
Series Takes Place In
Series Age
New in 2021

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Kathi Daley writes theResort at Castaway Bay Mystery Series which started in June 2021 and is set on an island in California.  It features Sydney Whitmore, a forensic psychologist living in San Francisco. She moves home to Shipwreck Island, and the resort owned and operated by her family, after tragedy strikes leaving her struggling for a way to make sense of things. After finding out about the assault of an old friend, which has left him comatose, she renews her relationship with Ezra Reinhold, a reclusive billionaire who enjoys poking around in cold cases and has the means to hire the best people to find the answers no one else has been able to.

Truth or Dare (Resort at Castaway Bay #1) Lost and Found (Resort at Castaway Bay #2) Trick or Treat (Resort at Castaway Bay #3) Now and Then (Resort at Castaway Bay #4) Prove or Perish (Resort at Castaway Bay #5) Hide and Seek (Resort at Castaway Bay #6) Fit or Fatality (Resort at Castaway Bay #7)