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Prove or Perish (Resort at Castaway Bay #5)

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June 2022
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In book 5 in the series, Arden Haynsworth has been kidnapped after being sentenced to death for her part in the death of the kidnapper's daughter Daisy. Arden insists she’s innocent of the crime she’s been accused of and is certain she was set up to take the fall. She’s been allotted five days’ worth of food, water, and air to prove it. If she can prove that she really is innocent of the murder, she'll be set free. If she can’t prove her innocence, she’ll die. The biggest problem is that she’s locked in this room and therefore unable to investigate. She’s offered the chance to be linked via live video feed to anyone she chooses. She chooses Ezra. With only five days to prove the woman’s innocence or watch her perish, the team jumps into action.

Meanwhile, it's Christmas on Shipwreck Island and everyone in Syd's life has gone just a bit Christmas Crazy. Aunt Charley is baking up a storm, Emily is knee deep in preparations for the annual Christmas by the Sea event, Estelle and Esther have parts in the school play, and Logan is helping Ryder with the annual boat parade.