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Pineapple Mystery Box (Pineapple Port Cozy Mystery #14)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
October 2021
Holiday/Season/Special Event:
Cruise Ship

When Mariska trades the brisket she won at “meat bingo” for three tickets on the new Gulf Voyager cruise ship, she, Darla, and our detective Charlotte enjoy a ladies' cruise to Key West. But when passengers start dropping like anchors, they find themselves afloat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico...and a murder mystery.

Charlotte notices the victims were all sitting at their assigned dinner table...does that mean they're next?

The handsome ship's doctor is up to no good, the cruise director is shifty, the captain seems clueless, and one of their tablemates just dropped dead in her oatmeal. Charlotte thinks she can solve the mystery, but she'll need Darla's pickpocketing skills and Mariska's unusual fighting style...

Meanwhile, Declan gets an unexpected, giraffe-pattern-covered visitor while babysitting Charlotte's terrier—she plays a mean game of rummy and brought along a stalker.