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Murdered by Success (Liz Lucas Mystery #11)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
July 2019

f you're only twenty-four and worth millions, you probably think you're invincible. And you'd be wrong.

Success can be a powerful motive for committing murder, but so are revenge, greed, and extramarital affairs.

When Connor, the boy wonder, rented out the entire Red Cedar Lodge and Spa for just himself and his assistant, that should have been a warning to Liz that he wasn’t an ordinary man.

It quickly becomes apparent to her that in order to protect her staff, Connor’s wife, and even Liz herself, she has to find the murderer before any of them becomes the next victim.

Real estate can be a dirty business, but unfit fathers can be just as bad. Sometimes if you just wait around long enough, you get a chance to see karma in action. Here’s your chance.