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Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series

Organic Food & Spices
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New in 2014

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Mary Ellen Hughes writes the Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series which started in May 2014 and is sets in New York. Meet Piper Lamb, who’s returned to Cloverdale, New York, the scene of many, happy childhood summers, to indulge her simmering passion for all things pickled, canned, and preserved. She’s set up Piper’s Picklings, and to promote the shop and its wares, Piper has snagged a booth at the annual Cloverdale Fair. Things are going great – until the body of the town’s boisterous and blustering bagpiper is discovered in her new pickle barrel! Join Piper, Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank, and an assortment of Cloverdale friends and foes, as Piper works to uncover the murderer, all while continuing to process every variety of fruit and vegetable into tasty pickles or delicious jams. She’ll even share the recipes with you!

The Pickled Piper (Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series #1) License to Dill (Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series #2) Scene of the Brine (Pickled and Preserved Mystery Series #3)