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Memories Are Murder (Merry Wrath Mystery #24)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
October 2022

It’s been years since ex-CIA agent Merry Wrath was undercover with Carlos the Armadillo in Colombia. So why is Teo the Tapir suddenly in Who’s There, Iowa looking for her? Merry and Teo were not on the best terms back then, especially after he attempted to blow her up. Is he in town to get revenge, or is he telling the truth about wanting to retire and let bygones be bygones?

It's a question that becomes much more important when a mutual colleague is murdered in Merry’s garage. Suddenly Merry wonders if Teo did it to frame her. As usual, this isn’t a great time for a dead body, since Merry is having trouble teaching her troop to use drones responsibly, her twin taxidermist sisters-in-law are trying to keep Merry from spilling their big secret, there are rumbles of a sexist schism in the teenage Cult of NicoDerm and there’s an issue involving fifty-one hamsters that needs to be resolved—like now!

Can Merry keep it together long enough to discover the truth about Teo? Or are some memories too deadly to hold onto?