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Marked for Murder (Merry Wrath Mystery #26)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
April 2023

Merry Wrath has been out of the spy biz so long that she's sure the CIA has forgotten all about her. Life in suburban Who's There, Iowa is pretty quiet in comparison to the Company, and as long as her Girl Scout Troop isn't inadvertently burning down her garage (again), Merry is thinking it's time to clean out all the plastique and booby traps she's been hiding in the basement, once and for all. That is, until assassin Hilly Vinton (who isn't an assassin because the CIA doesn't have assassins...but totally is) shows up with an agency-ordered Termination Contract on Merry.

This has to be an elaborate prank. Or so Merry thinks, until she learns that the contract also went out to the Russians, Chechens, and Colombian cartels. It isn't long before Merry's small hometown is flooded with interested bad guys. When these killers start showing up as bodies, Merry isn't sure if she should go on the lam (which has Hilly's enthusiastic vote) or stay to protect Who's There. There are too many questions! Can she solve the murders before the murderer gets her? Should she stay or go? How's it possible that the troop's future-predicting cootie catcher is so accurate? And why does the CIA want Merry Wrath dead?