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Hold Your Witches (Bless Your Witch #11)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
August 2018

When Dylan’s brand new detective business gets its first customer, she should be elated. Problem is, that customer is her grandmother. Milly Jones claims Polly Parrot is missing. She needs Dylan and Roman to find the magical bird before Polly is forced to divulge Milly’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Though Dylan thinks the whole situation is a stunt by her grandmothers to keep her busy, she grudgingly agrees to help.

But when a client appears on her doorstep with a missing persons case, Dylan plunges in head first—despite a warning from Roman. But when that case turns sinister and Dylan realizes a close member of her own family is entangled with the wrong group of people, she must act fast to save them. Can she do it? Will she lose a family member forever? And also—can Dylan find Polly Parrot?