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The Final Farewell (Northwest Cozy Mystery #28)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
January 2023

Is Nicole, a young college girl, alive or dead? When the police are contacted, they feel she just needed to take a little break, and that’s why she’s gone missing. But a well-known television news anchor feels there’s more to it than that, and when she hires Jake and Al, private investigators, to find the missing young woman, they fully agree.

It’s a difficult case. Her roommates have no idea what happened to her and don’t seem all that concerned, nor does her boyfriend. But when Jake and Al discover Nicole has an unknown admirer she exchanges texts with, their antenna go up. Did she meet with this person? Is that why she’s missing? Who could it be, and if she went with the person, did she go willingly or was she coerced?

What makes it even harder for Jake and Al is the fact they’ve been involved in one difficult case after another without a break. Maybe when this case is solved, the time will have come to make some changes. They’re not getting any younger, and they need to start thinking about their futures.

They decide, along with their families, Cassie, DeeDee, and little Gemma, to take a vacation in Hawaii. But what does the future hold for Al and Jake, and even Al’s little girl, Gemma? What will she grow up to be? And could DeeDee’s cookbook make her a future well-known household name? As she finds out when they’re in Hawaii, a famous model and prominent cookbook editor certainly think so.