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A Familiar Hex (Oxford Magic Kitten Mystery #3)

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August 2021

My name’s Astra, and since arriving in the quaint magical village of Witch Hollow in Oxford with my demon kitten familiar, Satan, I’ve faced murders, curses, and even cold coffee. But today is my scariest challenge yet: a visit from my fierce grandma. What will the witch, who raised me and wants me to return home and run the family business, think of my ramshackle farm and my adorable but wild familiars? That’s if my latest phoenix familiar with a cold doesn’t burn down my cottage first.

Plus, how do I hide the fact that I’m now Deputy to the hot dragon shifter Sheriff of Oxford, Earl Sin, who lives next door…? Oh, and his family are also visiting for the weekend. 

When grandma's struck down by a hex, it becomes a race against time to save her. Plus, will Satan finally solve the mystery of my missing dad?