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The Body in the Greenhouse (Sunset Lodge Mystery #7)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
September 2024

When Abigail and Mandy go on a farm tour with local farmer Herman Black, they’re excited to see what they can share with their guests during their upcoming special-event weekend. Their very last stop is at a trio of greenhouses that Herman turned over to his children years ago. A single plant growing in the one disused greenhouse draws Mandy’s attention. The skeletal remains under the plant’s bench bring the police to the farm.

The dead man had a complicated history in Nightshade, and it isn’t long before the sisters find themselves in the middle of another murder investigation. When the farmer’s daughter, who was also once romantically involved with the victim, arrives at Sunset Lodge for a short stay, the sisters learn more about both the victim and the many suspects.

Another unexpected guest, more surprise revelations, and an extra helping of dessert lead Abigail and Mandy to the killer in this, their seventh book.