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The Body in the Fountain (Sunset Lodge Mystery #6)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
May 2024
Holiday/Season/Special Event:
Valentines Day

It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day and the lodge is full of happy couples ready to celebrate over two very special days. The guests include not just Abigail’s boyfriend, but also Mandy and her boyfriend. Everyone is having a wonderful time until they all go on a hayride at the local park.

When Mark first spots something out of place in one of the fountains, Abigail tries to tell herself that it’s nothing important. But when they stop the hayride to investigate, they find a dead man.

As usual, Abigail doesn’t want to get involved, but that doesn’t stop most of the dead man’s family and friends from seeking her out. In a small town where everyone seems to know everyone and everything, the dead man’s mother has been keeping a huge secret for thirty years. Now Abigail can’t help but wonder if that secret is the key to finding the killer.