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The Body in the Elevator (Sunset Lodge Mystery #5)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
January 2024

Abigail Clark and her boyfriend, Mark Cooper, are hoping for a romantic dinner together at one of Nightshade’s fanciest restaurants. What they get is front-row seats for huge drama at the table next to theirs. Spencer Manning’s retirement celebration quickly turns into an enormous family argument, and Mark and Abigail get to hear every word.

Someone else in the restaurant records every awful moment and puts it up online, giving the entire world a chance to watch the fight. The footage takes on new significance, though, when Mark and Abigail find Spencer dead in the elevator just outside the restaurant.

Abigail doesn’t want any part in the subsequent murder investigation, but she finds herself dragged into it as first one and then another of the suspects decides to move into Sunset Lodge to hide away from a town full of people who’ve all seen the video. When it seems as if everyone who knew Spencer is better off with him dead, finding the killer is going to be difficult.