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The Body in the Cottage (Sunset Lodge Mystery #3)

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May 2023
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Abigail is delighted when her sister, Mandy, the co-owner of Sunset Lodge, arrives to spend a week with her. Both sisters are excited to finally have an opportunity to really talk about their plans for renovating, remodeling, and redecorating just about every inch of the main lodge building, the annex, and the cottages in the woods around the lodge. With a laser measure in one hand and a notebook in the other, Mandy wants to take notes on each of the cottages so that she can start sketching out her plans for their improvements.

The dead body in Cottage Four is an unexpected and unwelcome discovery. Abigail, who’s already been through two murder investigations, wants to leave the detective work to the police, but Mandy is eager to start asking questions and talking to everyone in the small town of Nightshade.

As Mandy drags her sister around town, doing everything she can to throw them into the paths of various suspects, Abigail knows that their neighbor, Jessica, is busy doing some snooping as well. All Abigail wants to do is get the lodge ready for a special Thanksgiving weekend, but instead she has to worry that a killer might target her neighbor, or even her sister, next.