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The Body in the Boathouse (Sunset Lodge Mystery #2)

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January 2023
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When Barry Cuda arrives at Sunset Lodge to talk to Abigail about running a boat rental business for her, she’s eager to take a look at exactly what watercraft was left in the boathouse that’s been locked up for over ten years.

Neither she nor Barry is expecting to find a skeleton inside one of the boats. When Barry thinks he recognizes something that’s been left with the body, things don’t seem to add up.

It doesn’t take the police long to identify the remains, and they’re fairly certain the dead woman was murdered. Abigail can only hope that another murder investigation won’t interfere with the special Halloween weekend she has planned for her first group of guests. Meanwhile, when Barry offers to supply a group of actors to tell ghost stories on Halloween, Abigail is quick to agree.

But the Nightshade Players all knew the woman who was murdered, and Abigail’s neighbor, Jessica, is convinced that one of them killed her. Can Abigail get through Halloween night without Jessica sticking her nose right into the middle of another murder investigation?