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The Body in the Annex (Sunset Lodge Mystery #1)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
July 2022

After months of planning, sisters Abigail and Amanda Clark have finally purchased a historic resort property in the Finger Lakes. Abigail has years of experience managing hotels and restaurants, so she’s sure she’s ready for this new challenge. She isn’t even bothered when her sister takes her dream job and decides not to move to Nightshade right away.

When a guest turns up dead in one of the rooms, though, Abigail finds herself caught up in the middle of a murder investigation. That definitely wasn’t in her plans.

The dead man had a lot of enemies in the small town of Nightshade, New York, and it isn’t long before Abigail has met several of them. Her nosy neighbor is eager to poke her nose into the police investigation, but all Abigail wants to do is find some guests for Sunset Lodge.

Can Abigail fix up the historic hotel on a shoestring budget? Will she be able to find guests who don’t mind that a man was murdered in the hotel’s annex? Or will Abigail’s neighbor say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get someone else murdered before the police find the killer?