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You May Now Kill the Bride (Carnegie Kincaid Mystery Series #5)

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On picturesque San Juan Island, love and lavender are in the air. So, unfortunately, are jealousy, pettiness…and murder. Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid has come to the Puget Sound paradise to oversee her best friend’s wedding. But when her own mother announces her engagement to a local millionaire, Carnegie inherits more than two hostile about-to-be stepsisters and a new father she doesn’t quite trust. Juggling cops and caterers, secret lovers and sullen in-laws, Carnegie finds a season of love in an idyllic setting turning into chaos. But when the millionaire’s key employee turns up dead and the local police–including one gorgeous blond hunk of a deputy–start breathing down her neck, can she stop a match made in heaven from becoming an invitation to murder?