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Wicked Brew (Wicked Witches of the Midwest Short)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
April 2015

Thistle Winchester is at her witchy wit’s end. Great-Aunt Tillie is selling wine at the curb of The Overlook – like it’s a lemonade stand – and her mother and aunts are about to burn someone at the stake. Unfortunately, it’s up to her and cousin Bay to put out the fire. When the two cousins take a stand, they’re interrupted by the arrival of an injured and dazed little girl. She won’t speak, and she appears to have undergone some sort of trauma. Thistle steps up to the plate – mostly because the child seems to have latched herself onto the grumpy witch – and the Winchesters launch an all-out investigation into who she is, and where she came from. As things start to unfold, Thistle’s heart is at risk. This newest guest at The Overlook has a troubled past, and she’s especially vulnerable, which makes Thistle especially vulnerable. It doesn’t help that that Aunt Tillie has taken a special interest in the child she deems 'Basil,' or that Landon wants to arrest Aunt Tillie for her secondary wine business. Can the Winchesters save the day? Thistle is determined to do just that. She just might need a little help from her family.