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The Trouble With Witches (Wicked Witches of the Midwest #9)

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October 2016

The Winchester witches are in a tizzy. Sam Cornell’s parents are coming to town and Clove is beside herself. Meeting her boyfriend’s parents is a big deal. It doesn’t help that her cousins can’t stop making fun of her, which is the Winchester way, of course. In addition to the Cornells' imminent visit, the Winchesters are also dealing with Sam’s new tanker. An afternoon visit knocks Bay for a metaphysical loop with ugly visions of a tragedy long since forgotten – by everyone but the dead. The belligerent ghosts set their sights on someone in the Winchester household … it’s just not Bay, for a change … and everyone has to rally together if they expect to make it out alive. If ghosts and parental visits weren’t bad enough, Hemlock Cove has a firebug. Someone is going after business owners and festival booths and the culprit is getting more and more daring. Two forms of evil are bound to collide, but when and where? It’s going to take all of the Winchesters – and their friends – to solve a mystery decades in the making. The answers are there if they can dig deep enough to find them. Surviving the ordeal won’t be easy, but it’s all hands on deck – this time literally – for another wacky Winchester adventure.