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Termination Dust (Jessie Arnold Series #2)

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The virgin landscape along the Yukon River has hardly changed since the gold rush began in 1897. Frostbiting winds slice the rugged terrain, and, like a shroud, the first dusting of snow covers the low hills. Braving thick snow on the Top of the World Highway-where one slip could mean a fall down thousands a cold-blooded killer. His only witness is Jim Hampton, a rugged canoeist whose vacation has abruptly ended. And Jensen's only clue is an 1898 journal-detailing an eerily similar murder-that Hampton discovered on the killer's path. Set against nature's most beautiful, yet cruelest, elements, Termination Dust weaves together legend and reality in a tremendous display of imaginative talent and storytelling prowess. 8/2012 - This book is not available as a paperback or e-book. Check your local library. Click on the links below to view status updates of this books' availability.