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Sweet Revenge (Dewberry Farm Mystery #7)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
October 2020

Fall into another sweet Dewberry Farm adventure!  When Priscilla Jordan, a wealthy descendant of Buttercup's new living history museum's historic owner, turns up dead in one of the museum's cabins, the police finger local meadery owner Serafine Alexandre as the killer.  There's bad blood in Priscilla's family--a disgruntled husband, a disinherited cousin, and a ne'er-do-well son--but the local police don't seem to care.  Dewberry Farm homesteader Lucy Resnick's desperate to help her friend... but someone's warning her off the case. 
When an intruder pins a threatening note to the farm's back door with a knife, Lucy knows she's getting close to the the truth... and if she doesn't figure it out fast, she may be next on the chopping block. With a twisty historical mystery, easy, delicious honey-themed recipes and beeswax projects you can make at home, and a cast of fun characters--both animal and human--you'll love this new visit to Buttercup!