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Scottish Wildcat's Tails Series

Series Takes Place In
Series Age
Before 2011

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Lucinda Hare writes the Scottish Wildcat's Tails Series which is set in Scotland. It features a Catastrophe, a wild cat who lives with a domesticated cat named Haggis, and author Mary. The books are written as seen from the eyes of an adopted wild cat. Lucinda also writes the popular Dragonsdome Chronicles series. NOTE About Wildcats: Far back in the ancient history of Scotland, the earliest settlers told legends about wildcats (Felis silvestris grampia) so fierce they bested human champions, and worshipped them as forest spirits. The Scottish wildcat is not a feral cat, but a true wild species like a lynx or a leopard, They hunted the wilds long before our ancestors bred the first domestic cats. Infamously the only wild cat to be untameable, even when captive reared, they are one of the most elusive cats on Earth. And the most endangered. Already extinct in England and Wales, it is estimated there are as few as 35 remain in the wild, and the extinction of Scotland's apex predator could come within the next few years.

Catastrophe - A Highland Murder Most Fowl (Scottish Wildcat's Tails #1)