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Scam Chowder (Five-Ingredient Mystery Series #2)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
June 2015

Val Deniston loves the historic Chesapeake Bay town where she lives with her grandfather, the Codger Cook. Running the fitness club’s Cool Down Café-and salvaging the five-ingredient dishes Granddad messes up-keeps her busy. She’s used to his catastrophes in the kitchen, but not in the dining room… Especially when one of his dinner party guests winds up face down in the chowder. The demised diner apparently scammed Granddad’s best buddy, and since the other dinner guests have suddenly clammed up, the police have all the ingredients to cook up a conviction for Granddad. With his freedom-and Val’s café job-on the line, Val is in a sweat trying to avert a catastrophe. But dredging up old secrets might just be a recipe for murder…