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Ripped, Stripped and Flipped (Designer Mystery #2)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
November 2013

Finders keepers, losers weepers... Interior decorator Laura Howard has no intention of keeping the gift someone left for her in the yard of the 19th Century Italianate house she's helping to restore. And, Detectives at the Portland, Oregon, Police Bureau don't plan to close their investigation until they find out who delivered the gift, a corpse wrapped in newly poured concrete. The police -- whom Laura now sees so often that she's considering buying additional place settings -- think whoever killed concrete man is trying to frighten her and the other partners at Graham Construction away from the building site. Laura isn't convinced she's in danger, but she begins to question how much can be coincidence when one thing after another goes wrong, including a second suspicious death. Her spirits crash when her once-faithful boyfriend appears to be running for Carouser of the Year. Everyone working on the Street of Dreams show homes is a suspect, but even the police are caught off guard when the twisted mind of a killer unravels on the eve of the open house tours.