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Powdered Murder (Bison Creek Mystery #2)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
January 2016
Holiday/Season/Special Event:
Snow Storm

There's a frozen body near the lake, and it's Essie's former client. The story of small-town crime and second chances in the heart of the Rockies continues...

The small town of Bison Creek has been chosen to host the highly-anticipated Sugar Mountain Bake-Off. But as a new snowstorm rolls in, Essie Stratter finds a frozen body near the lake - the body of her former client. As Essie joins in the murder investigation she discovers that her tiny hometown is tangled in a web of secrets. Secrets that could stab her in the back like a jagged icicle.

Essie's search for the killer isn't easy, especially with the town's new hotshot detective questioning her every move. Not to mention, she's the new owner of an energetic spaniel, her ex brother-in-law is now her roommate, and the town psychic has predicted her deathly fate. Will Essie piece together a blizzard of clues before she too gets iced?