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The Potted Gardener Series #3

Author: Series: Publication Date:
2009 (reprint)

When Agatha Raisin comes home to cozy Carsely and finds that a new woman has piqued the interest of her handsome bachelor neighbor, James Lacey, she’s less than thrilled. The beautiful newcomer to the Cotswolds, Mary Fortune, is superior in every way-especially when it comes to gardening-and Agatha is suddenly seeing nothing but green. If only a nice juicy murder would come along to remind James of Agatha’s genius for investigation. When a series of mysterious assaults on the town’s finest gardens is followed by a shocking murder, Agatha gets her wish. Seizing the moment, she immediately starts yanking up village secrets by their roots and digging up details about the victim-who, as it turns out, may just have some hidden dirt of her own… 7/12 - This is not available as an e-book. The creator of the popular Hamish Macbeth series continues her series about a sleuth in a small English town--irascible but endearing Agatha Raisin. What could make Agatha more attractive to her bachelor neighbor than a new murder to solve? Martin's Press.