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The Poisoned Peer (Churchill and Pemberley #6)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
April 2021

The 99-year-old Earl of Middlemop has had his future cruelly snatched from him.

Who could have poisoned the richest man in Wessex? The answer lies within the walls of Gripedown Hall where family secrets and bitter rivalries prevail.

Senior sleuths Churchill and Pemberley investigate on the behest of their friend Tryphena Ridley-Balls. However, another friend needs their help too. Mrs Thonnings’s haberdashery shop is the target of a poison pen letter campaign. Her weak elastic has reportedly caused a stretch of sartorial mishaps, but are the claims true?

Just as they’re close to the answers, an embarrassing slip-up results in Churchill and Pemberley’s dismissal. With their reputations sagging, can the two old ladies snap into action and bounce back?