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Pasture Postmortem (Mandy Bell DVM Series #2)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
November 2014

In the second book of the Mandy Bell DVM Series, Mandy’s life is action-packed. First, her RV floods, waking her up. Then she finds herself in a sea of ailing cattle after a cattle truck has been struck by a train. Recovering from the drama of that disaster, Mandy then has to treat over ten dogs who all get overdosed with cattle pour on. Trying to take a break from it all, she takes Lyle, her constant companion and Border collie, to a farm to frolic with sheep. Instead of a day off, she discovers a body, which turns out to be the most mysterious murder the Crestview police department has ever seen. The cause of death takes days to determine, since there was no murder weapon or wound on a perfectly healthy, but dead body. Mandy’s reluctance to stay in Crestview is pushed aside as she devotes herself to solving this murder. Her dedication to the case finally leads her to the murder weapon, motive, and murderer. The question is, will she rat the murderer out before he or she kills her?