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One Deadly Chapter (Agatha Royale Mystery #1)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
November 2023

Agatha Royale, seeking a fresh start after a challenging divorce, envisioned new beginnings in Bristol Lake, complete with a quaint bookstore and time to pen her own mystery novels. However, her tranquil life takes a dramatic turn when her dog, Mike, unearths a skeleton in her garden, catapulting her into the midst of a genuine murder case. As ominous events unfold and Agatha finds herself at the center of the intrigue, the fabric of trust within the town begins to tear. With a shadowy figure on the loose and suspicions mounting, Agatha must unravel the clues to outwit a cunning killer. Will she crack the case, or will her name be etched into the next chapter of a murderous saga? Embark with Agatha on her pulse-pounding journey to shed light on dark secrets in this enthralling cozy mystery.