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Nogged Off (Maine Clambake Mystery Series #7a)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
October 2019

Previously published in the collection Egg Nog Murder. ‘Twas the week before Christmas, and Julia Snowden’s escape from New York has just hit a snag. Fresh off accidentally poisoning half her colleagues with her 'Killer Eggnog,' Julia’s would-be subletter, Imogen Geinkes, is now jobless and homeless-leading Julia to invite the young woman home for the holidays in Maine. But when they unload the rental truck in Busman’s Harbor, they find something that wasn’t on anyone’s packing list: the body of Imogen’s former boyfriend. Suddenly, the wordplay in Imogen’s name-'I’m a jinx'-isn’t so adorable. But for all the calamities that follow in Imogen’s wake, Julia’s certain she’s no killer. As Julia digs into the case, the appearance of the ex’s brother-his identical twin-doubles the confusion. Has Imogene been double-crossed by an evil twin? Was the eggnog 'accident' no accident at all? If Julia doesn’t unwrap the murderer’s true identity soon, one of the twelve days of Christmas could be her last...