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Nina Bannister Mystery Series

Amateur Sleuth
Series Takes Place In
Series Age
Before 2011

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T'Gracie Reese and Joe Reese write the Nina Bannister Mystery series which started in 2013 and is set in Mississippi. It features retired English teacher and village elder Nina Bannister who lives in Bay St. Lucy, a sleepy little Gulf Coast community. In the first book the residents of Bay St. Lucy generally ignore the monstrous old Robinson mansion that sits in the center of town, until one day, insane old man Robinson dies and leaves the house and its accompanying fortune to the town. The residents are ecstatic and begin planning improved schools and cultural centers. Local retired school teacher and village elder Nina Bannister is sent to the man’s funeral in New Orleans and to represent Bay St. Lucy at the reading of his will. However, Nina returns from her trip saddened to report that a long lost Robinson relative has appeared to claim the entire inheritance.

Sea Change (Nina Bannister Mystery #1) Set Change (Nina Bannister Mystery #2) Oil Change (Nina Bannister Mystery #3) Game Change (Nina Bannister Mystery #4) Sex Change (Nina Bannister Mystery #5) Frame Change (Nina Bannister Mystery #6)