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MRS BUNDLE'S FOUR SEASONS, Vol. I: The Secret at Mount Holly Mansion (#6)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
March 2015

Wiped out from her last adventure, Mrs. Bundle sorely needs a getaway far away from the hustle, bustle, and hassle in North Pilson Corners. Up the road a piece, rest & relaxation rule at the idyllic Mount Holly Mansion Inn. Its unique innkeepers, the Pettyfers, offer not only lots of carefree distraction but heaps of scrumptious delicacies-all at the drop of a magical hat. But watch out, kindred spirits, wintering in the Vermont williwags is dicey and yes, what’s too good to be true, is. Amidst the tranquil, remote ambiance looms a long-ago toxic secret that Mrs. Bundle (and her savvy protégées, Angie and Erin) must try to resolve. Through it all, winter’s wrath rains down. However, everybody knows our determined Mrs. Bundle will give this new challenge her best shot and then some!