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Mocked (Ginger Stevens Mystery #1)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
February 2016

Ginger Stevens built a business there selling architectural artifacts and salvage pieces for commercial and residential spaces. A few months earlier than when this story begins, she came across a dead body in her shop. A short time later, she put together the puzzle pieces and figured out the identity of the murderer. Things are back to normal now. Or are they? Ginger’s new client, Sphere Software Technologies, is moving to a new office space and bringing in pieces from the artifacts shop. Sphere’s employees include several characters, some of whom don’t have the business’ best interests at heart – people who 'look out for #1' and take down colleagues who get in their way. Ginger might be in the way, too. Intrigue, plotting, secrecy, and office politics get in the way of good business. In this inaugural mystery, we learn about Ginger Stevens, how functional and dysfunctional people work together at a software company, and the deadly ramifications when leaders don’t address problems head-on.