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Mince Pies and Madness (Peridale Cafe Mystery #30)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
December 2023

When a mysterious benefactor begins funding the spirited protests against the Howarth Estate development in Peridale, Julia South-Brown finds herself at the heart of a deepening rebellion. The 'Save Peridale’s Soul' campaign is gaining momentum, with the café abuzz with schemes to thwart the developers. Yet, Julia is troubled by a cryptic message from a woman connected to the council, hinting at dark days ahead. As the power cuts out, it's clear that someone is determined to keep Peridale in the dark—literally.

With increasingly tempting offers to buy her café coming from the suave but sinister James Jacobson, the villagers rally behind Julia, undeterred by the looming threat of a developer's takeover. The community's resilience shines, with an illicit Christmas market springing up in defiance, but their unity is shattered when a car, brakes failing, crashes through the stalls.

As the village braces for the construction to begin, a cocktail of sabotage, secrets, and subterfuge brews, ready to spill over at James' winter gala, promising revelations that could alter the fate of Peridale forever. With the future of the village hanging by a thread, Julia and her allies must piece together a fragmented history, unearthing long-buried grudges and alliances, making their last stand not just for their homes, but for the soul of Peridale itself.