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Merry Christmas Murder (Merry Wrath Mystery #29)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
December 2023
Holiday/Season/Special Event:

Ex-CIA agent turned Girl Scout leader, Merry Wrath is about to have a holiday to remember! It's not Christmas in Who's There, Iowa without a severely mandatory holiday lights policy, passed by thirteen year old Mayor Ava and her henchman...Betty! The girls show up on their troop leader, Merry's, doorstep with a box of lights and an ultimatum.
The whole town has gone crazy in preparations, and with Merry's husband Rex gunning for the prize, she has no choice but to help. Putting up lights is the last thing Merry wants to do, and she's hoping to get by with the barest minimum needed to comply.

Unfortunately, as she's working on the display, she finds a dead man tangled in her lights. Can Merry find the killer and get her display back on track before the lights go out on Christmas?