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Mahjonged (Alex Harris Mystery #4)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
July 2013

Inviting a group of women over for a night of Mahjong sounded like a good idea to new bride Alex Harris Van der Burg, but with a storm raging outside and a battle brewing between two of the players inside, things aren’t working out quite as planned. And then the lights go out adding one more catastrophe to the evening. When a guest is discovered with Alex’s brand new cake knife, a wedding gift, stuck in her back, the party really starts to head downhill. With the roads closed and a bridge washed out, the Mahjong players are stuck in the 'murder house' for the rest of the evening. In the following days Alex is stumped to find a reason why a woman would be killed in her home, especially when only one person there had met her before, and that person happens to be the mother of Alex’s assistant, Millie Chapman. With her detective husband away on a weekend camping trip that turns longer than expected, the entire town is talking about the young bride whose husband took off. Alex tries to shut out the rumors while snooping and sleuthing but when her nephew is involved in a hit and run, she wonders if the killer is after her and maybe she should just forget the whole thing. Join the crazy cast in this, the fourth Alex Harris mystery, as they sift through clues that will lead to a shocking conclusion.