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Life's a Witch (Wicked Witches of the Midwest #7)

Author: Series: Publication Date:
November 2015

Life's a witch ... and then you die. Bay Winchester is living the witch part – literally. She’s hoping to avoid the dying part. The Winchester world is full of trouble when great-aunt Willa and cousin Rosemary come to town. It’s clear they’re up to something, but no one can figure out what. Aunt Tillie is loading for bear. She’s declared war on her sister, and she’s not taking prisoners – or looking to skirt collateral damage. When a young man’s body shows up at Hollow Creek, Bay’s attention is divided thanks to a morose ghost who blames her for ending 'party time' and Aunt Tillie’s refusal to back down. FBI Agent Landon Michaels enjoys watching the show, although he’s worried the dead man’s ties to the local drug trade could put the Winchesters in danger due to Aunt Tillie’s 'glaucoma medicine' side business. Local kids are trying to steal from the property, Aunt Willa is trying to undermine everyone and Aunt Tillie has a secret that she’s dying to spill – that is when she’s not protecting her land with a shotgun. Bay is determined to find answers, even if she dies in the process.