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Lemax was founded in 1990 and has been at the forefront of lighted villages. From a modest selection of quaint lighted houses, their collection has expanded to encompass a world of houses, figurines and accessories.  The lighted buildings are porcelain and offer exquisite detail. I've just started adding all of the buildings and accessories and so far I have buildings for Caddington Village for 2021, 2020 and part of 2019 and 2018. I've added buildings for Vail Village 2021 releases and part of 2020! I'll be adding accessories and buildings for all of the series.

Lemax Series Include:

Caddington Village offers Victorian Charm. Choose from a wide arrangement of inviting cottages, cathedrals, carriages and sleighs, village accessories, and opera houses that add elegant, Victorian Era charm to this holiday village.

View Caddington 2021 Releases
View Caddington 2020 Releases
View Caddington 2019 Releases
View Caddington 2018 Releases

Vail Village is a charming and rustic Christmas village collection full of fresh faces and mountain whimsy.

View Vail Village 2021 Releases
View Vail Village 2020 Releases


Plymouth Corners is a charming New England coastal village complete with working docks, rustic lighthouses, and quirky bed and breakfasts.


Harvest Crossing features a warm architectural style. With buildings ranging from farmhouses to exquisite barns, wishing wells, and stone mills.

Santa's Wonderland is a whimsical and imaginative Christmas village give you a sneak-peak at life with Santa and his elves.

Spooky Town offers  dismal decay and dilapidated buildings, the living dead have found a place to rest in pieces in Spooky Town

Sugar N Spice is a lovable village of gingerbread men and women are ready to transport you to a world of candy canes, gumdrops, chocolate, and more iceing sugar then you could ever ask for.

Carnival Village recreates the sights and sounds that have enchanted generations of carnival goers. From the games of the midway to the motion of the rides, our Carnival is sure to capture the imagination of friends and family.