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A Killer Wedding (Charleton House Mystery #2)

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April 2020
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Till death us do part… As a passionate couple take their marriage vows in an ancient chapel, death is already waiting in the shadows for one of the persons there present. When wedding photographer Nathan Wallace arrives in the stunning grounds of Charleton House, it seems that not everyone is pleased to see him. But nobody could have predicted just how upset someone would be by his presence. When suspicion falls on her chef, catering manager Sophie Lockwood ignores the advice of DC Joe Greene and sets out on an investigation of her own. But as visitors enjoy historical re-enactments all around her, she finds that searching for the extraordinary is a challenge in a setting where Mary, Queen of Scots recently enjoyed lunch and modern-day teenagers school Victorian gentlemen in the intricacies of gay rights.With colourful colleague Joyce distracted by an unexpected romance, Sophie dodges her own unsuitable suitor while exploring one dead end after another. Relying once again on the help of quick-witted tour guide Mark Boxer, she resorts to a clandestine foray into a twilight world, stumbling – quite literally, in Mark’s case – upon what appears to be irrefutable evidence. But could this, Sophie’s toughest case yet, have one more devastating twist?