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Kick The Bouquet (Flower Shop Mystery Series #20)

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November 2022
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Abby is in a pickle. Does she go to her parents’ house for dinner or break with tradition and go to Marco’s mother’s house instead? Abby’s mom is in a tizzy and Abby is desperately seeking a solution. But she has a bigger problem when hunky hubby Marco is a suspect in the murder of his landlord, realtor Arthur McMahon.

After the popular realtor is found stabbed to death in his office just after announcing plans to oust his renters, along with his decision to marry a woman his grown children detest, Abby and Marco have a host of suspects to investigate. Was it an angry renter or one of Arthur’s money-hungry children who decided to end his life? Or was it his young fiancé, the woman his children call the Black Widow?