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Jaine Austen Mysteries Series

This series started in 2002 and is set in Los Angeles, CA. It features Jaine Austen who owns a writing service-- This Pen for Hire-- out of her apartment. She writes brochures, resumes, letters, and personal ads. She shares her apartment with her cat Prozac.

This Pen for Hire (Jaine Austen Series #1) Last Writes (Jaine Austen Mysteries Series #2) Killer Blonde (Jaine Austen Series #3) Shoes to Die for (Jaine Austen Series #4) The PMS Murder (Jaine Austen Series #5) Death by Pantyhose (Jaine Austen Series #6) Killing Bridezilla (Jaine Austen Mysteries Series #7 Killer Cruise (Jaine Austen Series #8) Death of a Trophy Wife (Jaine Austen Series #9) Pampered to Death (Jaine Austen Series #10) Death of A Neighborhood Witch (Jaine Austen Mysteries Series #11) Killing Cupid (Jaine Austen Mysteries Series #12) Death by Tiara (Jaine Austen Mysteries Series #13) Murder Has Nine Lives (Jaine Austen Mystery Series #14) Death of a Bachelorette (Jaine Austen Mystery Series #15) Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge (Jaine Austen Mystery Series #16) Death of a Gigolo (Jaine Austen Mystery Series #17) Murder Gets a Makeover (Jaine Austen Mystery Series #18) Death by Smoothie (Jaine Austen Mystery Series #19) The Dangers of Candy Canes (Jaine Austen Mystery Novella)