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Irish Chain (Benni Harper Series #2)

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Meet Benni Harper...a spirited ex-cowgirl, quilter, and folk-art expert who's staking out her own corner of the contemporary American West. She's got an eye for murderous designs-and a talent for piecing together the most complex and cold-blooded crimes. Benni's taking time from her job at the folk-art museum to sponsor a senior prom at San Celina's retirement home. During the dance, she's surprised to find herself waltzing with Clay O'Hara, the Colorado cowboy she had a crush on when she was seventeen. She's even more surprised when Clay's uncle and an elderly woman are found dead in one of the residents' rooms. Now Benni's trying to find a link between the two victims-and the common thread that bound them together in death... From the author of Fool's Puzzle, a dynamic new novel featuring Benni Harper, folk art museum curator. Despite orders from her boyfriend, Police Chief Gabe Ortiz, Benni continues to investigate murders at a senior citizens' home. Now Benni takes it upon herself to catch the killer--risking life and love.