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Seaside Café Mystery Series

Coffee & Tea & Herbalist
Series Age
New in 2018

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Bree Baker (aka Julie Anne Lindsey) writes the Seaside Café Mystery Series which started in July 2018. It features Everly Swan who has moved back to her seaside hometown and the proud owner of a little iced tea shop and café right on the beach, things are finally starting to look up—until a curmudgeonly customer turns up dead on the boardwalk.

Live and Let Chai (Seaside Café Mystery #1) No Good Tea Goes Unpunished (Seaside Café Mystery #2) Tide and Punishment (Seaside Café Mystery #3) A Call for Kelp (Seaside Café Mystery #4) Closely Harbored Secrets (Seaside Café Mystery #5) Partners in Lime (Seaside Café Mystery #6) Pleading the Fish (Seaside Café Mystery #7)